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HPE Power’s the intelligent Edge at Citrix Synergy


At Citrix Synergy May 2019, HPE will show how dedicated graphics are delivered real-time by their HPE Edgeline solutions

HPE have following solutions:

Trader Workstation -HPE Moonshot & CITRIX are bringing Mobility and Security to Traders & Developers in Financial Services without compromising on End User Experience. 

Engineering Workstation – HPE Edgeline & CITRIX Cloud are bringing secure collaboration between engineering teams by enhancing systems and application performance and enable IOT & Industry 4.0 transition.

Bare metal VDI- Extending our success in POWER USERS to knowledge workers so that VDI does not need to be the lowest common denominator in terms of end user experience. 

I have helped HPE design & build the Engineering Workstation. Last year at HPE Discover in Europe, November 2018, the solution of the Engineering Workstation powered by Citrix Cloud solution was announced how customers can now use dedicated graphics with either Intel or adding AMD WX4100 GPU or now here in May 2019 add a NVIDIA P1000 GPU. The solutions are incredible how you can get raw dedicated and garanteed performance without any performance overhead of a hypervisor or an operating system that see’s a virtual system. Bare metal is same UX as a workstation, basically HPE is taking the physically workstation at the desk to the edge and making it intelligent with a high user density. HPE is the only vendor who can deliver 4 bare metal VDIs in 1U, which makes them a market leader for Baremetal VDI use cases at the Edge. Customers can as well use Citrix Virtual Apps (RDSH) and increase density, which is popular in the financial industry.

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HPE is at Citrix Synergy demonstrating live the user experience of the 3 above solutions and you will be able to try it out yourself, I also highly encourage you to participate in some of their sessions they have planned in the HPE Theater.

HPE solutions is about the future of work and I can only say it again and again, they have the highest compute density in the world that can be used for any workload, learn how HPE have changed the financial world, or making engineers work more innovative or make the Formula 1 teams processing data at the edge.

I recommend you check out following sessions:

Bare Metal VDI -Engineering WorkstationLearn how HPE Moonshot & Edgeline together with Citrix Cloud unchain engineering teams from their desk and enable more efficient collaboration, while providing the performance, security and agility needed by engineers to work on CAD applications anywhere and anytime.Ed Ellis, WW Sales and Business Development, Edge Compute, HPE
Secure Virtual Workspace for Financial ServicesIn Investment Banking and wealth management, time is literally money, delays in securely accessing essential data, visualization and decision making can easily make the difference between huge profits and losses. Here we will share how HPE Secure Virtual Workspace built in collaboration with Intel and Citrix strips the cost and complexity of delivering secure remote applications and desktop without comprising the end-user experience for next generation financial services end users.Mathai Philip, Global Moonshot & IOT Systems, HPE
VDI without CompromiseExtending from HPE’s Leadership in delivering mobile workspace for Power Users, we are sharing how we can deliver VDI to knowledge workers without compromising on performance with options for shared storageCristian Cojocaru, Solution Architect, HPE

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