HPE Proliant server cartridge m510 and m710x building blocks for Citrix

HPE have released new server cartridges m510 and m710x for HPE Moonshot and Edgeline. These new server cartridges are the first units that have built-in HPE iLO, so customers can easy manage each server cartridge.

Moonshot cartridge building blocks for Citrix workloads

Below chart describes what HPE Moonshot/Edgeline current strategy is for GPU enabled apps and desktops with Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp.


Below chart describes which GPU enabled HPE Proliant server cartridges that can be used.

Interesting results is that density increases dramatically from m710p to m710x.

If companies requires non GPU enabled compute the m510-16 is a interesting server cartridge for Citrix XenApp


Let’s look at the details of the two new server catridges.

m510 cartridge – hardware specifications


This server catridge is a beast, it have up to 16 core and 128GB memory and is also Windows Server 2016 ready 🙂

 M510 Citrix XenApp Office Worker with LoginVSI

Below shows some benchmark Citrix have accomplished with LoginVSI, interesting is that they get:

168 XenApp sessions per m510. <1/2 watt per session! 


above chart is made by Tony Sanchez from Citrix

The average amount of users for Knowledge worker workloads Login VSI max was around 138 with 145 users being active at the time of the test. The baseline of 780 was consistent with  additional tests that were repeated. The High Scalability policy template was applied to the desktop group for all Login VSI users.

These test was made by Citrix internally, please read the blog here.

CPU performance of the m510 during the 145 user test. The max CPU utilization was around 93%

during the peak of the test without fully saturating the processor.

m710x catridge – hardware specifications



This server catridge is a beast, it have latest skylake core and 64GB memory and is also Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 and even RHEL, Ubunto ready 🙂

Then its also ready to be virtualized with Citrix XenServer and VMware vSphere and KVM, I will later blog how its working with these hypervisors.

M710x Citrix XenApp Knowledge Worker with LoginVSI

Below shows some benchmark Citrix have accomplished with LoginVSI, interesting is that they get:

67 XenApp Knowledge sessions per m710x


These test was made by Citrix internally, please read the blog here.


Hardware Summary of HPE ProLiant m510 and m710x


I hope the above gives you a pretty good idea on where Moonshot & Edgeline is going – and this is just for Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp. I will cover how its used with Octoblu another time.

How to get Involved – HPE Global Innovation Labs


Partner and customer engagement, interaction, assessment and colloboration on solution development and applications.

HPE can help with

  • Build, testing and pre-validation of Edgeline systems and end-to-end solutions
  • Integrated real-life “Edge Experience Zones“ to interact with and highlight industry applications
  • On-site access or secure remote access
  • Datacenter connectivity and testing

Try here https://www.hpe.com/us/en/servers/global-innovation-lab.html

Poppelgaard.com – Professional Services

if you are interested in testing your applications on the ProLiant Server Catridges – please dont hesitate to contact me a thomas@poppelgaard.com
I can also help with above value added tasks plus much more 🙂



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