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Hung Threads on the Provisioning Services Server


Target devices hang and the Stream.log on the Provisioning Server contains the following entries:

ERROR   CSSProtocolModule::DoTraceEvent Detected one or more hung threads.
ERROR   CSSProtocolModule::LogReport 2 thread(s) last known to be active at .\SSProtocol.cpp:591 have been inactive from 215 to 215 seconds.
ERROR   CSSProtocolModule::DoTraceEvent Terminating StreamProcess.


This issue occurs either when the database server which hosts the Provisioning Services database goes offline or when the database server is not able to service the Provisioning Services requests in a timely fashion, without actually fully going offline.


If the database server goes offline, enable DB Offline support to allow your targets to remain running until the database server can be brought back online.

If the database server is not able to respond in a timely fashion, investigate the loads on your database server and consider using a dedicated instance to service the Provisioning Services infrastructure.

More Information

CTX129173 – How to Enable DB Offline in Provisioning Services


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