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Im speaking at HPE Discover 18-20th June 2019, here is my insights, what I am looking forward to.

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Hi All, I am proud to share that I will be speaking at this yearly Hewlett Packaged Enterprise (HPE Discover) which takes place 18-20th June 2019 in Las Vegas, United States. I have been part of HPE independent influencer program the last couple of years and have been having the pleasure to come to HPE Discover and cover this. I have primary been at HPE Discover in Europe the last couple of years. Last I was at HPE Discover in Las Vegas was 10 years ago, so its very special to be back and experience one of my favorite conferences in the year and also proud to share that I am speaking there.

picture taken at HPE Discover, November 2018 in Madrid.

HPE is doing so much innovation when it come to revolutionize the space, sending the first super computer powered by HPE to the ISS space station. At last HPE Discover, November 2018, I saw how HPE was planning with NASA to send the first super computer to Mars, powered by HPE. Its incredible work and also a huge leap for mankind, and I am very excited to come to close to a vendor and see what they do. HPE is really doing some clever things when it comes to make our world better and help us for the next human evolution.

HPE to acquire supercomputing leader Cray, they announced this 17th May and I am very excited to see what HPE will be showing at HPE Discover about this, hopefully I learn more new things and how its going to bring value for customers in the future.

Session’s I recommend you check out if you are at HPE Discover

I am also excited to see that there are 7 session’s about Citrix solutions & HPE Simplivity at HPE Discover:

Sessions about Citrix & HPE Simplivity/HPE Synergy

I highly recommend if you are at HPE Discover you participate in the sessions about HPE Moonshot.

Sessions about HPE Moonshot & Citrix
  • Tesla will share how they are using Edgeline and Moonshot
  • My good friend and CTP Neil Spellings will deliver a session about his experience with HPE Moonshot with Mathai Philip from HPE.
  • Ed Ellis and Bharath Ramesh will share how customers are gaining best-in-class results from HPE’s differentiated products.
  • I will co-present with Olivier Frank from HPE on “Investing in end-user experiences for financial services (IF9676).

Sessions about HPE Edgeline and NVIDIA T4

I highly recommend you also learn the insights from customer Texmark Chemicals how they are the refinery of the future and using HPE Edgeline EL4000 with an NVIDIA graphics processor. Justin Boitano from NVIDIA will do a session on the value of NVIDIA T4 GPU how it scale from performing virtual desktop to AI training.

Above is just some of the sessions I recommend. I am also going to check out the innovation sessions and what HPE is demonstrating at the booth, that’s where you can check out all the innovation and see the products and learn all the solutions.

If you will be at HPE Discover, please feel free to meet me if you want to. I am always happy to sit down and talk.

/Thomas Poppelgaard

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