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Logon Optimization Guide

Citrix Consulting have created a whitepaper called Optimization Guide User Logon.

The goal is understanding the Windows Logon Process and Simplifying Troubleshooting with EdgeSight.


XenApp and XenDesktop simplify application and desktop management. However, long logon time is a common complaint that detracts from end-user satisfaction. Often, this is an unreported problem or administrators cannot quantify and identify the root cause. This paper outlines the logon process and looks at factors that cause excessive logon times, as well as how to track and repair issues or optimize steps. Finally, it also looks at how using EdgeSight can greatly simplify the troubleshooting process.

In particular, the inability to quantify logon times is subject to user subjectivity as what is excessive for one user may not be for another. As every environment is different, there is no standard measure as to what a normal logon time should be; acceptable logon times can range from several seconds to a minute or longer.

How the Logon Process Works

In order to better understand where time can be shaved from the user logon, we will first review the logon process as shown below: Please note that this diagram focuses on internal users accessing either a XenApp or XenDesktop resource. Additional steps are required based on external access via Access Gateway.



Download here

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