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Microsoft SCVMM 2012+Citrix Netscaler =o)

Next version of Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 is going to be cool and much more Cloud aware. So i will post more info, when i notice it.

Whats new in the upcoming Microsoft SCVMM 2012:

  • SCVMM 2012 will have two main roles: Service Management (lifecycle management of virtual machines and applications inside them) and Fabric Management (configuration management of computing, networking and storage)
  • Communication with the storage layer will happen through SMI-S (Storage Management Initiative Specification) providers. SCVMM 2010 will be able to provision LUNs at the cluster level
  • Capability to create logical networks (abstracting IP subnetting, VLANs, and DNS domains) for private cloud computing
  • Capability to define and assign IP pools to logical networks, as well as MAC address pools to host groups
  • Capability to copy a VM template from SAN to SAN on provisioning
  • Support for Citrix NetScaler as load balancer to create Virtual Private Addresses (VIPs) and assign them to services
  • Support for Citrix XenServer (5.6? 6.0?) and VMware ESX 4.1
  • Hyper-V remote deployment on bare-metal
    A new server will boot from PXE, download a WinPE image, download a VHD, join a domain and install the Hyper-V role all automated and orchestrated from SCVMM 2012.
  • Dynamic Optimization (DO)
    Automatic/Manual workloads balancing across Hyper-V hosts in a cluster, without System Center Operation Manager (SCOM).
    It will compete with VMware Distribute Resource Scheduler (DRS)
  • Enhanced Placement
    New 100 checks and validations used by the workload placing algorithm, including manual rules to detail inter-VMs dependencies, defined by the administrator.
    It will compete with the VMware DRS affinity rules.
  • Power Management
    Hyper-V hosts will be powered off using DO and Live Migration in case of low hardware utilization.
    It will compete with VMware Distributed Power Management (DPM).
  • Administration Delegation
  • Resources Quota
  • Capacity Management

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