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Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) bug with Multisession Windows 10 version 2004

I have today found out a major bug in Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) with OS Windows 10 Multisession version 2004. After helping a client with expanding some FSlogix storage, I saw there was some important patches for OS (CU) and some security patches, its always recommended to apply these patches, as you will gain performance and stability and improve security.

But after applying these CU, I ran into a very strange problem that when you login to the Multisession host from any WVD client, the Windows screen flicker and keep updating in the GUI and you couldn’t do anything not click anything inside the desktop. After some research on the web, I saw other people facing the same issue with as I saw. The interesting part was that Pieter Wigleven from Microsoft, confirm this bug and that the Microsoft Search team will solve this part in future builds of Windows.


This specific issue only impacts Windows 10 Enterprise/multi-session version 2004 and the fix is currently scheduled for release in the third week of October 2020. 

In that third week of October - if you manually click the “Check for Updates” button you will get it. 

If you won't check manually, you’ll receive this bugfix in November's Patch Tuesday (second week of the month).


Deep dive into the bug

Issue is not happening if you connect to Multisession Windows 10 version 2004 with pure RDP connection, it only happends if you connect via WVD (HTML5 or native clients)

After applying hotfix CU for Windows 10 2004 (KB4571756) the bug occurs to me

Error like these gets written to event viewer all the time when you try to login to a session

The user experience following experience from a WVD device:


Create a sheduled task with one of below options

  • on your golden image and deploy out new changes
  • Or manual on each Multisessionhost
  • or via a GPO:

Create a new task and give it a name WVD Windows Search fix

Change “When running the task, use the following account to SYSTEM” or with rights to restart service Windows Search

Click on tab “Triggers

Click button “New

On new window that opens “New trigger” do following:

Change “Begin the task” to “On an event

Click Custom, click button New Event Filter

Click on tab “XML

Click on Edit query manully

Add following query

<Query Id=”0″ Path=”Application”>
<Select Path=”Application”>*[System[(EventID=1000)]] and *[EventData[Data[1]=’explorer.exe’]]</Select>

Click on Active and validate its enabled. Then click on OK button

Click on tab Actions

Choose new

type cmd.exe under "Program/script" 

And add following argument

/c NET Stop WSearch && NET Start Wsearch

Click OK

Click OK


Thank you to Tim Sinclair for sharing experience on solution and Mark Aldridge for sharing XML solution which inspired me to create this blogpost with more details.


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