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XD Implementation Guide – Migrating from MCS to PVS

Citrix Consulting have created this whitepaper about “How to Transition Machine Creation Services (MCS) desktops to Provisioning Services (PVS) desktops
* This apply to MCS, which is a feature in XenDesktop 5.


With the release of XenDesktop 5, organizations have two ways to perform single image management delivery for virtual desktops: Provisioning Services and Machines Creation Services. While Provisioning Services focuses on flexibility, Machine Creation Services focuses on simplicity. Because of the simplicity, many organizations, regardless of size, utilize Machine Creation Services.

However, as organizations continue to provision desktops to match the increasing demand, they will surpass the abilities of Machine Creation Services. Larger, more complex environments often require the ability to deliver images to physical/virtual XenApp servers, physical desktop endpoints, blade PCs or even physical servers. Because Machine Creation Services is limited to delivering desktops to a hypervisor, organizations usually find that they require the flexibility of Provisioning Services.

By the time an organization reaches the point where it needs to use Provisioning Services, it is likely that the environment already includes many desktop images and virtual machines configured for their own specific use cases and rebuilding each image would be time consuming. This Implementation GuideĀ  shows how to migrate Machine Creation Services images and Machine Creation Services created virtual machines to Provisioning Services ready images and virtual machines.

This implementation guide is not meant to demonstrate how to install and configure Machine Creation Services and Provisioning Services. It is meant to show how to migrate an image from Machine Creation Services to Provisioning Services. It is assumed that the following actions and configurations are in place.

1. Machine Creation Services was successfully implemented in the creation of virtual machines.

2. Provisioning Services is setup, configured, and integrated within theĀ  infrastructure.

This document is divided into the following sections:

  • Prepare the Machine Creation Services Image
  • Create the Master vDisk
  • Create the Provisioning Services Target Devices
  • Migrate the Desktop Group

It is assumed that the reader has knowledge about how Machine Creation Services and Provisioning Services operate.

Download Whitepaper here

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