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Citrix Mobile Solutions

Citrix have released a new product called Citrix Mobile Solution which are the components of Zenprise now called XenMobile combined with Citrix CloudGateway (AppController, app prep tool+access gateway). Citrix have done a great job combining the two technologies into 1 product. I saw how the new XenMobile MDM & @WorkMail app for iOS worked at a Citrix Disti Bootcamp that was held 25-25th February  at Citrix Systems in Stockholm, and it looks really awesome and fast too, so its a ready product but i doesn’t communicate with the local contact phone list, and let you abstract the informations from the local phone book to the @WorkMail, which some mights wants this functionality. Lets digg in.

Mobile Solutions

Citrix Mobile Solutions is an enterprise mobility management solution that provides mobile device, app and data freedom for employees by giving users access to all their mobile, web and Windows apps and data from a unified app store. Mobile Solutions includes the following components:

  • CloudGateway that includes AppController, the App Preparation Tool, and Access Gateway.
  • XenMobile MDM contains Device Manager, Secure Mobile Gateway, and the Multi-Tenant Console.

The Citrix Mobile Solutions Bundle, is comprised of XenMobile MDM and CloudGateway. Employees have quick, single-click access to all their mobile, web, SaaS and Windows apps from a unified app store, including secure productivity apps that seamlessly integrate to offer a great user experience.

The Mobile Solutions Bundle provides identity-based provisioning and control for all apps, data and devices, policy-based controls, such as restriction of application access to authorized users, automatic account de-provisioning for terminated employees and selective wipe of device, apps or data stored on lost devices. With the Mobile Solutions Bundle, IT can give users device choice while giving IT the ability to prevent data leakage and protect the internal network from mobile threats.

mobile solutions architecture

Mobile Solutions Bundle is composed of the components below

  1. AppController – A Linux based virtual machine available for both XenServer and VMware® based hosts, providing the central administrative point for configuration of all native mobile apps, Web/ SaaS apps, and ShareFile data.
  2. Gateway services – Delivered through the Citrix Access Gateway, either standalone, or as a feature of the NetScaler MPX, VPX and SDX platforms.
  3. App Preparation Tool – MDX technology provides encapsulated iOS and Android applications with security, encryption, and control.
  4. @Work Applications – @WorkMail and @WorkWeb applications for secure Exchange mail and secure Web.
  5. Mobile Device Management – Allows IT to manage mobile devices, set mobile policies and compliance rules, gain visibility to the mobile network, provide control over mobile apps and data, and shield the corporate network from mobile threats

xenmobile device manager

AppController 2.6, whats new

  • Certificate support. When you log on to AppController for the first time in the web-based management console to configure the initial settings, you can add or create certificates on the Active Directory settings page. This option appears only when configuring settings in the management console the first time you log on. When you log on subsequently to the management console, you can configure certificates by using theCertificates link on the Settings tab.
  • Microsoft Hyper-V support. You can install the AppController 2.6 virtual machine on Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V enabled or on Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012.
  • Migration support to AppController 2.6. You can upgrade to AppController 2.6 from AppController 2.0 or from AppController 2.5.
  • Secure connections to Active Directory. When you log on to AppController for the first time in the management console to configure the initial settings, you can configure secure connections to Active Directory on the Active Directory settings page. When you log on subsequently to the management console, you can change Active Directory settings by using the Active Directory link on the Settings tab.
  • ShareFile updates. In previous AppController versions, when you configured ShareFile, the domain was automatically appended to the domain name. In this release, the domain does not automatically append to the ShareFile domain name. You must enter the entire ShareFile domain name.
  • Support for mobile links. You can configure mobile links to retrieve the name and description of apps automatically from the Apple App Store. For apps available through the Google Play Store, you enter the name, description and URL of the app. When you configure mobile links, links appear in Receiver with the Play Store or App Store name.
  •  Web proxy user name format. When you configure the web proxy, you can use either the SAMAccount format or the User Principal Name (UPN) as the user name.


Download Citrix Mobile Solutions bundle here (Require MyCitrix) 
The new version of the AppController 2.6 & App preparation tool for iOS and Android are located in above link + XenMobile components.

edocs of Citrix Mobile Solutions

Architecture of the Citrix Mobile solutions bundle

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