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Monitor Blanking Inconsistently Occurs on Physical Win7 PCs with Citrix XenDesktop 5.5 HDX3D Pro


Monitor Blanking inconsistently occurs on XenDesktop 5.5 VDAs with HDX3D Pro installed on physical Windows 7 PCs that use a WDDM display driver.


This is an architectural issue and is not one that can be 100% resolved in XenDesktop 5.5.

HDX3D Pro on XenDesktop 5.5 was designed for access to data center workstations for high-end 3D professional graphics.

While various aspects of this issue can be and has been fixed for certain video cards, 100% reliability of monitor blanking cannot be guaranteed.

Many display drivers do not provide the necessary feedback mechanisms to determine whether the monitor on the VDA side was truly blanked out.


Refer to the Knowledge Center article CTX124877 – Unable to Connect to XenDesktop Virtual Desktop Agent on Vista or Windows 7 with WDDM Driver for more information on a possible workaround

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