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More info about XenVault


XenVault plug-in coming out this quarter will include many new capabilities to further simplify and enhance end point data protection.

XenVault plug-in (that works in conjunction with Citrix Receiver) creates an encrypted space, referred to as a “Safe Zone”, on the end user device to store all corporate information. Based on policies established by IT, sensitive and critical data such as cached email is automatically and seamlessly redirected to the end user’s encrypted space.

The encrypted safe zone is created on Microsoft Windows 7 devices and is protected with a user defined password. Once a safe zone has been created, only Windows explorer and XenApp delivered applications including hosted, streamed and App-V packages are able to access the encrypted space. Additionally XenApp-delivered applications are restricted to storing data only in this location.

The core capabilities available in the Technology Preview are still present in v1 and are configured and managed through the Citrix Receiver and Merchandising Server:

  • FIPS approved AES-256 level encryption for the safe zone on Windows 7
  • Lock or delete encrypted information on a user’sdevice based on administrator controls
    • When Receiver starts or refreshes, Merchandising Server tells the plug-in whether a Lock/Delete is applied
  • Control over which applications are allowed to access the encrypted data

The v1 release adds a number of features:

  • Time-based lock – Once a lease period elapses, the safe zone is locked. Lease period is calculated based on number of days user has not connected to their corporate network.
  • Administrator controlled password reset/unlock function
  • Password complexity rules – length, caps, numbers, symbols
  • Remember my password support
  • Configurable safe zone size
  • Support for English, German, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese

The XenVault plug-in Technology Preview has been available since May 2010 so please take a moment to go download it and give it a try if you haven’t already (MyCitrix logon is required and you will see it under its previous name of Encrypted Data plug-in).