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New XenDesktop Whitepapers from Citrix Consulting

Citrix Consulting have released 2 new whitepapers:
Windows 7 Optimization Guide for Desktop Virtualization and
XenDesktop Planning Guide: Application Integration for Virtual Desktops

Overview Windows 7 Optimization Guide for Desktop Virtualization 

As organizations start to migrate to Windows 7, it is expected many will leverage desktop virtualization to simplify and streamline the migration and ongoing maintenance process. Delivering a Windows 7 system as a virtual desktop requires proper planning and configuration to provide the users with an optimized and functional desktop environment. The Windows 7 optimizations identified within this document are intended to provide a more responsive desktop for the users.

These configurations typically add value by enhancing the user experience and increasing system performance. For example, some of the changes optimize the user experience by enabling faster logons, reducing unnecessary prompts, and quicker screen updates. Others optimize performance and increase scalability by reducing unnecessary processor, memory, disk and network usage.

However, certain modifications allow for greater scalability but at the cost of the user experience. As many organizations will demand a user experience similar to the traditional desktop, care must be taken when applying optimization settings. Many of these settings are identified within the remainder of the document.

Overview XenDesktop Planning Guide: Application Integration for Virtual Desktops

Regardless of the type of desktop a user receives, there is still the question of application integration. The application integration design decision plays an important role in the overall architecture of the solution in the following areas:  

  • Scalability: The location and delivery method of the application will have a direct impact on the scalability of the virtual desktop.
  • Operations: Each option impacts how the environment is managed and maintained from an application update perspective.

A critical thing to keep in mind is that the most optimal way to deliver one application might not be selected because it does not align with the overall solution. The final decision must be based on the business processes and the technical capabilities.

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