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NVIDIA GTC express webinar – GPU Accelerated XenDesktop for Designers and Engineers

Hi all, I am proudly to announce I’m doing a Webinar at NVIDIA GTC Express, 20th June 2013.

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What is NVIDIA GTC Express

GTC Express is a year-round extension of the great content that attendees of GPU Technology Conference have become accustomed to. Each month GTC Express features innovative and thought-provoking webinars, presented by some of the most talented developers, engineers, and research scientists pursuing GPU-enabled work and sharing how GPUs are transforming their fields of work.

GPUs are changing the science of computing, as well as mission critical practical applications. Make GTC Express part of your on-going education! GTC Express is free to the entire GPU community.

Title: GPU Accelerated XenDesktop for Designers and Engineers

If you’ve ever wanted to virtualize your CAD or professional video graphics application and have the exact same local experience on a secure central platform, then this webinar provides insight on how to get there. Join Technology Evangelist, Thomas Poppelgaard, and learn how Citrix XenDesktop®, XenApp® and XenServer®, in combination with NVIDIA GRID VGX, makes it possible to virtualize 2D/3D applications from any device, anywhere, while keeping your data and intellectual property safe and secure.

date: Thursday, June 20, 2013 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM PDT Register for the webinar here its free


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