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NVIDIA Quadro K6000 – new GPU in town for HDX3D

NVIDIA is about to release a new Quadro K6000 GPU to the market. This GPU is more powerfull than the K5000 GPU. The GPU was unveiled at SIGGRAPH 2013.

This GPU is not a GRID GPU where you can share the GPU’s for multiple virtual machines. The Quadro K6000 is a perfect GPU if you want to build a physical XenApp or XenDesktop hosted app server with either Windows Server 2008R2 or Windows Server 2012 and share the K6000 to multiple users that connects to the server.

The GPU have totally 2880 CUDA cores and 12GB memory, compared to the K5000 the K5000 have 1536 CUDA cores and 4GB memory.

The K6000 is the most powerfull GPU coming soon

About the NVIDIA Quadro K6000

The NVIDIA Quadro K6000 graphics card is the ultimate expression of NVIDIA’s expertise in professional graphics, empowering artists, designers, and engineers to realize their biggest visions. It combines 12 GB of memory, 2880 NVIDIA CUDA® parallel processing cores, accelerated double precision computation, plus the ability to drive up to four ultra-high-resolution displays or projectors. This makes the Quadro K6000 the superior choice to bring your largest and most complex projects to life


Key performance features and capabilities include:

  • 12GB ultra-fast GDDR5 graphics memory lets designers and animators model and render characters and scenes at unprecedented scale, complexity and richness
  • 2,880 streaming multiprocessor (SMX) cores deliver faster visualization and compute horsepower than previous-generation products
  • Supports four simultaneous displays and up to 4k resolution with DisplayPort™ 1.2
  • Ultra-low latency video I/O and support for large-scale visualizations

Product Features: 
• 2880 CUDA Cores
• 12 GB GDDR5
• Supports up to 4 Displays
• DVI-I DL + 2x DP 1.2 + Stereo
• 288 GB/s Memory Bandwidth
• PCI Express 3.0 x16 System Interface
• 225W Max Power Consumption


NVIDIA press announcement

Comparisson Quadro GPU’s

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