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Performance Assurance – A Key to Virtual Desktop Success

Hi Everyone.

I want to share this article with you, written by Srinivas Ramanathan, CEO and founder of EG Innovations.

Performance Assurance – A Key to Virtual Desktop Success

For a VDI technician, it is is not difficult to understand his points and considerations, but what is really interesting is:

1) A lot of VDI rollouts do meet challenges – and those challenges must be dealt with. This can be time consuming and expensive for resellers and customers – and it has a bad effect on the ROI.

2) Optimization and assessments, when it comes to VDI rollouts – and this is relevant for every step of the process – needs proper tools – or the troubleshooting is really hard to do.

3) The strategy is often like when your car is repaired – parts are changed until the part that really fixes the problem is showing positive results – meaning that you have wasted some of our money on fixing things that are not broken. This is how it must be, when you do not know EXACTLY what is happening.

Please share your thoughts and comments. Thanks.

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