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Hi All

I have been so busy lately on many projects and meetings with vendors, partners and end customers so i cant complain about business is going slow, and its a finance crisis ;).

Its my mission to post articles releated to Citrix and Citrix ready vendors on my blog, so ladies and gentlemen and fellow geeks, its about time to boost up and put some articles on the blog. The webpage will be redesign so informations will be better searched, indexed. I will create a new structure so you can get access to best practise whitepapers, Tools i recommend, How you size, implement HDX 3D / HDX 3D Pro solutions, so a lot of work is on my schedule and i will make it happend.

I will in the upcoming week upload videos, I have recorded in May 2012 about HDX 3D Pro and HDX 3D on YouTube and post them here. I will record new video of how the new codec in HDX 3D Pro works + i will record the new experience in Excaliber and show it. I think its important to show how powerfull the technology is and Citrix is finally creating an Citrix Ready HDX 3D program where vendors like Autodesk, Nvidia, HP, IBM, Dell, Cisco, Siemens and many more attends. GPU virtualization is under development and will be released in Q1 2013, this will decrease the TCO, but more important HDX SOC will in early 2013 support HDX 3D Pro codec, so we will see an evolution on thin clients and the important message here is they will support this deep compression codec. THUMPS UP Citrix. Even better all the vendors have their eyes on HDX 3D / HDX 3D Pro now and the participants of the Citrix Ready HDX 3D Program is allready pushing their technologies to support Citrix helping getting this powerfull technology out to the business.

I will do a blogseries on HDX 3D Pro, but first i have some new results i will show “live” at Citrix User Group Norway (CUGtech) I have updated my session i did at E2E in Vienna and my Session – Best Practice XenApp HDX 3D / XenDesktop HDX 3D Pro i will show the audience awesome new stuff i have put together and i will show live how you can size solutions, troubleshoot and off course wideness the technology with your own eyes on any device.

and then i will release the blogpost series based on the presentation i am doing at CUGtech. Look out for it, there even might come a whitepaper, which many have been asking me about.

I hope you enjoy my blog and if you any great suggestion on how i can make my blog better or maybe cover a topic then let me know. write to me on my mail

If you are planning going to E2E Virtualization Conference in Hamburg 2012 this weekend i recommend you check out the Sunday 4th Nov 2012 at 10.30 a Geek Speak session i am doing with Michael Rüefli

Topic: Hosted Desktop Geek Speak Battle: XenApp vs XenDesktop.

We will talk about the main difference in: Application delivery, User Experience, Admin Experience, Scalability, Cost.
Please do mind this is a Geek Speak session, so if you are among the audience its your time to be apart of Geek Speak and tell us your experience or opinion. Its going to be FUN.

Thomas Poppelgaard

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