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Hi all i am very proud to announce that is under heavy construction and thats why I have had my blog in a “minor” silent period. You will in the nearest future see more articles where we want to start a conversation where we invite the reader to participate and share their thoughts on an article. At E2E Virtualization Conference in May 2012 in Vienna i had the opportunity to held two sessions (VDI battle XD VS VDI-in-a-box) and (Best Practise XA HDX 3D & XD HDX 3D Pro) and i have made about 50 videos, that i am converting the next two weeks. I am going to share the best of them on and the best part i will record more videos with EndUser performance with XenApp HDX 3D and XenDesktop HDX 3D Pro so people can get a better visual impression, how powerful these technologies are and why you should start implementing these technologies.

I have had for over 2 years now and i have many times thoughts about teaming up with some of my good friends and have them writing articles too and share their minds to the Citrix community and i am proud to announce that the second contributor  is onboard Who is the second contributor, let me tell you a little about him: His name is Kent Skovgaard and have been working with Citrix and general Microsoft infrastructure for the last 13 years. He have several Citrix examins including CCEE. Kent Skovgaard works at a company called Comparex as a Senior Infrastructure SE, where he also works with distibution of EG Innovations monitoring software for the nordics. If you havent checked EG innovation, then check it out its awesome what they do.

Again i would like to thank you for reading my blog and i will build soon a new and better structure to simplify informations and the purpose is to get access to Citrix informations in a simple and fast way and build better solutions and share informations for free.

Thomas Poppelgaard

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