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I’m presenting at NVIDIA GTC 2013

Hi all

I have a very cool announcement.

NVIDIA have invited me to come at their yearly GPU conference the NVIDIA GTC (GPU technology conference) that will be held in March 18-23 2013, San Jose California.

My session is called S3540 – Successfully Delivering 3D Graphics Solutions for Your Business

The audience will discover how 3D applications can be centralized and how NVIDIA with Citrix deliver a remote workplace, from which companies can benefit from. Audience members will learn about building out these cloud infrastructure’s, and the benefits that the customers gained from choosing the solution to match the need. Hear real world examples, you will gain key insights for determining if these types of solutions are right for your company.



Are you going to NVIDIA GTC, and have the need for centralising your 2D/3D applications then come join my session its going to be energetic.

Other reasons why to join.
Hear technology experts like, Brian Madden. Derek Thorsland, Director of Product Management, Citrix. Phil Montgomery, Sr Director of Marketing at VMware. Will Wade, Director GRID Products at NVIDIA.

Check some of the technology experts that comes here

Why Attend, look here

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