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Printing Optimization Pack Performance Report

Printing Optimization Pack is available for XenApp6 and XenDesktop 5.  This awesome performance report describes, which value the Printing Optimization Pack gives. It also shows what the values are between XenDesktop 4 vs XenDesktop 5 with the Printing Optimization Pack (impressive).


The Printing Optimization Pack is the next generation of the Citrix printing technology that is designed to improve the user experience by shortening the time to print a document by reducing the amount of data required to print documents over slow, latent, or constrained networks.

This paper details the results of the printing optimizations across a range of document types and document content. It provides data for the various compression settings and effect on print time, image quality and CPU usage for both XenApp and XenDesktop platforms.

When documents are being printed, the optimizations will analyze the spool file to remove redundant graphics and further compress the spool file being sent to the client. This reduces the amount of data required and improves user experience on constrained networks. The table below shows the results of the print time and bandwidth savings delivered by the Printing Optimization Pack.

Download – Printing Optimization Pack Performance Report here


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