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Provisioning Server 6.x Displays a Blue Screen when Starting Target Virtual Machine from the vDisk


Citrix Provisioning Server 6.x displays Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) when starting target Virtual Machine from the vDisk.

Note: When starting the target Virtual Machine from the vDisk, this BSoD (0x0000007b) is displayed, while the master Virtual Machine did not have any problems.


This is the known issue with Provisioning Server 6.x with VMware 4.1 and 5 with either the VMXNET3 or the E1000 NIC driver.


Ensure that you are running Provisioning Server software with the latest Service Pack or Hotfix.

You can resolve this issue using one of the following option:

Option 1

Complete the following steps:

  • Clone Master Virtual Machine using vCenter Console.
  • Remove the Hard Disk.
  • Convert clone to template.
  • Create Virtual Machines using this template

Option 2

  • Right-click on Clone Virtual Machine and edit Properties.
  • Click Option, select General, and click Configuration Parameters, as displayed in the following screen shot:
  • You notice that the etherne## is available under the Name column and that the etherne## value is 192, as displayed in the following screen shot:
  • Close the Configuration Parameters window
  • On a Master Virtual Machine, find and match the same value from step 4.
  • Create the Name or Value field (if the information is not already available).
  • Use Provisioning Server Stream Wizard to create more Virtual Machines using the Master Virtual Machine.

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