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PubForum 2011 (13-15 May in Dublin)

Alex Juschin (CTP, MVP),
Founder of PubForum have asked me to join as a presenter at PubForum in Dublin 13-15 May 2011, which i have gladly acceptet. =O) This is going to be my first visit at PubForum, and i cant wait to attend and perform a great presentation (The Topic is secret). My friend Rene Vester (CTP) is also a part of the PubForum Team, and have presented multiple times, also another friend Jacob Berg have presented at PubForum.

What is PubForum, and why should you attend.

– PubForum Conference is a non-commercial event, which is a very cost efficient and a highly effective way to gain the best Citrix, Microsoft and other companies virtualisation products knowledge, as well to receive the best vendor and independent expert’s training. It is also a chance to meet many independent industry experts, who are also attending the event and the ability to talk directly to the vendors support engineers in a non-formal atmosphere.

– Presenters and Trainers at PubForum include world recognized names in the field of Virtualization – those are Microsoft Most Valued Professionals, Citrix Technology Professionals and escalation Engineers from EMEA/Worldwide headquarters from  companies like AppSense, Citrix, Jetro, 2X, Microsoft, RES and other. Attendees learn the best practices on how to run projects, implement, troubleshoot, plan, optimize and run their infrastructures the most cost effective, environmentally friendly and most performance efficient way.

– Over 20 Sessions and 3 Master Classes on average are delivered during the event. During which there is a unique possibility to approach the Presenters and Trainers, discuss issues, questions and best practices throughout the event. Due to the maximum attendance limit of 100 people no questions and no issues are left unanswered.

– The total cost of this European Wide Experts to Experts (E2E) Event – even including flights, accommodation and the attendee fee itself IS LESS THAN JUST the attendance fee of any similar event of this kind. That is because the Event is run on a non-commercial basis. However, the content, presenters and trainers are of the highest professional level!

– The event was founded in 2003 by Alex Juschin – a worldwide recognized Citrix and Microsoft expert and evangelist (Microsoft Terminal Services MVP and Citrix CTP) and is run with the help of Alex Danilychev – also a Microsoft MVP and CTP and another well recognized Expert in the field of Virtualization Rene Vester, who is also Citrix CTP. There have been already 15 very successful events so far in many cities across Europe. London, Paris, Nice, Lisbon, Frankfurt, Dublin, Brussels to name few.

– The event days are from Friday to mid Sunday which means that it will not affect your business as much as other similar events, which may take up the whole business week!

Check PubForum Agenda here

Register to PubForum here

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