RDP, RemoteFX, ICA/HDX, EOP and PCoIP – VDI Remoting Protocols Turned Inside Out

Benny Tritsch (MVP, CTP) and Shawn Bass (CTP) have made this great presentation on comparing Microsoft RDP/RemoteFX, Citrix HDX/HDX3D, Quest EOP, VmWare PCoIP/Teradici,  VDI Remoting Protocols.

You can watch this awesome presentation, which Benny Tritsch did on Microsoft TechEd in Berlin 2010. Benny goes through deep inside/out on how the VDI Remoting Protocols works and show the protocols side by side in a recorded video, so you could see the impressive results. The results are compared in Hardware/Software rendering and in 0ms LAN, 50 ms 2Mbit/200ms  2Mbit, which is a pretty good real life scenario. With Wan optimization products combined, would  the results for the user experience be much better, and i hope the guys will test this in a later phase.

Benny Tritsch  tells how the VDI Remoting Protocols are they different  from each other, and what does it mean for Windows 7 users? How good is the user experience when remoting standard graphics and multimedia output formats, such as GDI, DirectX, PDF, OpenGL, Windows Presentation Foundation, Flash, Silverlight, videos and animations?

Its happy to see that Citrix is leading with their HDX/HDX3D protocol compared to the others, but PCoIP / EOP are close. Its going to be intriguing to see, how HP RGS (Remote Graphic Service) will perform to this side-by-side showoff, i have seen HP RGS next to HDX3D and its a close run, but you dont get the benefits of the VDI, what you would get with XenDesktop. I cant wait to see how RemoteFX will perform combined in a XenDesktop environment, Citrix did a short demo at Microsoft TechEd in Berlin showing how the precode (KICK ASS)

See the High Def video of Brian Tritsch session here or check the official page for VIR401

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  • Thomas Poppelgaard Nielsen

    Brian changed to Benny 😉 thx to Alex Juschin for notifying me of the typo. Kinda weird i have always said Brian Tritsch and not his real name Benny Tritsch, Sorry Benny.. ;O)


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