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Receiver for Windows 2.0 Packager

Enables Receiver for Windows and the secure access plug-in to be installed from an external download page.

Users can install Citrix Receiver remotely using Citrix Secure Access (Standard or Enterprise Edition) plug-in. If your company uses a different product to provide access to remote users, this solution does not apply.

For your users to install Receiver for Windows remotely, you need to:

  • Create an external download file by wrapping the Citrix Secure Access (Standard or Enterprise Edition) plug-in and the Citrix Receiver application into a single file using the Citrix Receiver Packager utility, and move the output file to your external web server.
  • Create your download web page from the supplied template, link it to the output file created by the Receiver Packager utility, and deploy the external web page on your web server

download here