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RES Software – ressources

Hi all, i have been writing on my blog that i will post informations from RES Software.. Well its about time i put some info up.

I have gathered some ressources, which i think is great if your goal is to be a pro with RES Software or just want to know more about RES Software.

“Free Information & Knowledge is True Power” – Thomas Poppelgaard

Right… lets digg in..

RES Software – products / whitepapers
– Product “marketing” brochures: http://www.ressoftware.com/news/media-resources/collateral
– Whitepapers: http://www.ressoftware.com/news/white-papers
– RES eBooks: http://www.ressoftware.com/news/ebooks

VDX /Virtual Desktop Extender – Reverse–Seamless : http://www.reverseseamless.com

Technical RES blogs:

– RES Software Blog: http://blog.ressoftware.com/
– RESGuru.com Blog: http://resguru.com/
– Decomplexifying IT Service Delivery: http://decomplexifying.blogspot.com/
– Patrik Zander YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/patrikzander (technical demos etc)

RES Community, Support portal, Partner portal
-RES Software User Group – http://www.resug.com/
-RES Software User Group Forum – http://www.resug.com/forum/
-RES Software Customer Portal – http://support.ressoftware.com/Modules/Authentication/SABenefits.aspx
-RES Software Partner Portal – https://partner.ressoftware.com

Social Media:
-RES Software Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/ressoftware
-RES on FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/RESSoftware
-RES YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/RESSoftware
-RES on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/165709


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