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ROI on VDI running on thin clients.

There have been a lot of speculation and calculations over the last couple of years and the word “ROI” has been used quite often.
Some are talking about all the advantages of running VDI. It has been very clear though, that there could be some unexpected overhead, caused by storage and hardware costs, eating up some of the savings and I have even heard people claim, that a VDI-solution may end up being a more expensive solution than a traditional client-server architecture with PC’s running the traditional way. I/O throughput seems to be the challenge.

Devon IT has made some calculations based on information from different ressources, among them EG Innovations and VMware homepages.
The conclusion is clear – they have made a comparison showing cost-savings achieved by running VDI on thin clients
Please be aware, that Devon IT is selling thin clients, and therefore can not be considered independent. But at least they have quoted their sources.

Please check it out, and give your comments. It could lead to a very interesting discussion.


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