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Citrix ShareFile Storage Center Tech Preview

At Citrix Synergy that was held in SF in May 2012, Citrix announced “ShareFile Storage Center that enables on-premises Storage Zones.

The technical Preview is now available for download on Citrix.

What is Citrix ShareFile Storage Center Tech Preview

The ShareFile Storage Center Technology Preview enables on-premise Storage Zones, giving administrators flexibility in where ShareFile data is stored. This Tech Preview requires a Zone-Enabled ShareFile account that can be created here. Please use the support forum for general discussion and to report any issues you encounter while using this Tech Preview. Important Note: This technology preview is intended for use as a proof of concept only, and should not be deployed in a production environment. Data stored using the tech preview may be incompatible with a final release of the product.

Introduction to StorageZones ShareFile

StorageZones allow administrators flexibility in selecting where user data is stored. Using Storage Center, locally managed on-premise storage can be used in addition to the traditional Citrix ShareFile Cloud storage. Administrators or users can then select, on a folder-by-folder basis, the destination for uploaded files. Warning This technology preview should never be used for production data. Storage Center Basic Requirements – Windows 2008 Server R2 – Public IP Address and DNS supported FQDN – Valid SSL certificate for above


Create a Zone-Enabled ShareFile Account

Visit to set up a new trial account which has StorageZones enabled automatically.

Warning: To prevent possible data loss, this technology preview should never be used with existing accounts or production data.

After signing up, you will receive a welcome email with details on your account. Once your trial account has been created, visit and log in with your chosen username and password. Note that this is a fully functional trial of ShareFile, and can be used with or without a local StorageZone attached.

Important: Once you’ve logged in, check the browser address bar and make a note your account subdomain – the fully qualified domain name assigned to your account. By default, this will be in the format “”

Set up your local storage zone

The Storage Center Technology Preview runs on top of Windows 2008 with IIS. SSL must be enabled on this host, and it must be publicly accessible to allow two-way secure communication with the ShareFile cloud management services.

Before installing, be sure you have:

  • Windows 2008 Server R2 with IIS Role enabled
  • .NET 4.0
  • A public-resolvable internet hostname (not IP address)
  • An SSL certificate for the above (from a public, Windows accepted Certificate Authority – self-signed or unsigned certificates are not supported at this time)

Please refer to Citrix Knowledgebase article CTX133260 for more information on networking and deployment of Storage Center in secure environments.


Download Citrix ShareFile Storage Center (Require MyCitrix ID) 

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