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SMS PASSCODE version 5

SMS PASSCODE® 5 deliver the world’s first real-time mobile centric modern two-factor authentication platform designed for global use

Award winning new platform defines the global standard for modern mobile centric real-time two-factor authentication architectures. New policy engine and clients also introduced.

Copenhagen, April 19th , 2011 – SMS PASSCODE® – The recognized technology leader in two-factor authentication, today announced a new version 5 that defines the global standard for modern mobile centric two-factor authentication leveraging the 5 billion mobile phones in the world.  The new platform extend the award winning carrier independent local, regional and global SMS text messaging infrastructure combined with voice dial-out for landlines and non-text enabled phones as well as secure e-mail for secure mobile networks like Blackberry or certain Asian infrastructures.  To deliver this efficiently, the platform introduces a leading edge group policy engine, which based on administrator settings, allows end-users to flexibly select the preferred One-time-password code delivery option.

SMS PASSCODE has quickly established itself as the de facto standard in a new generation of real-time two-factor authentication solutions. “We have experienced exponential growth in the past few years and are now present across the globe” says David Hald, CEO, SMS PASSCODE. “These many deployments around the world have inspired us to deliver the first fully integrated SMS solution augmented with regional specific features such as dial-out to the North American market and secure e-mail in Asia”.

New features in SMS PASSCODE version 5.

  • De-facto standard platform for modern global two-factor authentication

Modern mobile centric architecture using SMS Text Messaging globally delivered from central or local gateways that is augmented with Voice Dial-out for North America and secure mobile e-Mail for Blackberry users and e-mail centric markets seen in Asia

  • Policy Platform for flexible administrator driven policies

Advanced User Group Policy engine, that enable administrators to cascade policies to groups of users for flexible and secure login methods such as SMS, Dial-out and e-mail

  • Self-service portal for end-user configurable access

Based on administrator permissions set above, users can access an easy to use self-service web portal to set personal preferences. This delivers an unprecedented level of user friendly and customizable modern two-factor authentication solution.  Settings include selection of popular things like preferred phone number, preference of Flash vs. Regular SMS and preference of dial-out, e-mail or SMS delivery as well as setting encrypted secure time-based codes.

  • New Client support for Citrix, Microsoft and OpenVPN

New two-factor authentication support for Microsoft Direct Access remote connectivity enables users to securely access corporate networks remotely with SMS Authentication. If a user is detected to have left the secure networks, a SMS PASSCODE authentication is automatically requested protecting the user in the event of a compromised PC. New clients also include support for Citrix Web Interface 5.4 as well as Citrix Receivers with Web Interface Authentication. It also supports the latest OpenVPN system, which is a popular VPN system used in many implementations such as VMware View VDI access.

  • New platform administration enhancements

Platform enhancements include an new easy to use web based user administration interface that enable administration of the many capabilities in a single interface that can be expanded or collapsed on demand.

SMS PASSCODE is an award winning more secure solution than comparable alternatives. Essentially, a user first enters username and password. It is not until that has been validated, that SMS PASSCODE generates and sends a real-time code that is only valid for that particular login attempt or session. Once the code is entered and validated, the user is granted access. This has proven a more secure login process at lower costs than seen in the first generation hardware token based solutions.

SMS PASSCODE version 5 is immediately available for all new customers as well as current clients on a current Software Assurance contract.

More details about SMS PASSCODE version 5.0 can be found at

To learn more about SMS PASSCODE or try it out live on your own mobile phone, visit

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