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StoreFront Services 1.0 aka CloudGateway Express

Citrix CloudGateway Express aka StoreFront Services 1.0 is released to web.

Citrix have again confussed people about naming their products and the StoreFront Services 1.0 is CloudGateway Express. And if you go under and choose to download CloudGateway Express you can download StoreFront Services =O) does it make sense… hope so.

About Receiver Storefront

Receiver Storefront consists of services that provide authentication and resource delivery infrastructure for Citrix Receiver:

  • The Receiver Storefront authentication service authenticates users to XenDesktop sites, XenApp farms, and AppController. Once a user’s credentials have been validated, the authentication service handles all subsequent interactions to ensure that the user only needs to log on once.
  • Receiver Storefront stores enumerate and aggregate the desktops and applications currently available from XenDesktop sites, XenApp farms, and AppController. Users access stores through Citrix Receiver or a Receiver for Web site.
  • Receiver for Web sites enable users to access Receiver Storefront stores through a Web page. To access their desktops and applications, users require a compatible version of Citrix Receiver. For users running Windows or Mac OS X, Receiver for Web sites attempt to determine whether Citrix Receiver is installed and, if a suitable client cannot be detected, users are offered the opportunity to download and install Citrix Receiver.
  • The Receiver Storefront database records details of users’ resource subscriptions, plus associated shortcut names and locations. When a user accesses a store with application synchronization enabled, the subscribed desktops and applications on the user device are automatically reconfigured so that the configuration is the same as that stored in the Receiver Storefront database.

You manage the Receiver Storefront components with the Citrix Receiver Storefront management console. If you want to perform certain advanced administration tasks, you may also need to edit the Receiver Storefront configuration files.

Receiver Storefront Features

High availability. You can group your Receiver Storefront servers for increased scalability and fault tolerance. For more information, see Planning Your Receiver Storefront Deployment.

Receiver for Web sites. In addition to accessing Receiver Storefront stores within Citrix Receiver, users can also access stores through Web pages. For more information, see To create a Receiver for Web site.

Pass-through authentication. Receiver Storefront supports both pass-through of domain credentials from users’ devices and pass-through authentication from Access Gateway. For more information, see Planning Your Receiver Storefront Deployment.

Application synchronization. Subscribed desktops and applications follow users from device to device so that they do not need to subscribe to the same resources each time they use a different device. For more information, see Planning Your Receiver Storefront Deployment.

Automatically provisioned applications. You can automatically subscribe all users to a core set of applications. For more information, see Integrating Receiver Storefront into Your Environment.

One-click client configuration. You can configure Citrix Receiver for your users by making provisioning files available. For more information, see Configuring Stores.


Download Citrix StoreFront Services 1.0 here – Require MyCitrix ID

More info about Citrix StoreFront Services 1.0

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