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Citrix Tech Talk: Virtual Desktops for Designers and Engineers

Hi I am pretty excited about this. The week i am presenting at  NVIDIA GTC conference in San Jose (22 March 2013). I will Thursday 23 March 20113 do a webinar together with Citrix about how your company can successfully deliver 2D/3D applications on Citrix technologies.

This is my first official Tech Talk webinar together with Citrix with the topic:

Tech Talk – Virtual Desktops for Designers and Engineers.

The webinar will be held 21 March 2013 3PM – 4PM GTM

Whats the Citrix Tech Talk webinar about:

For desktop virtualisation to be successful for demanding users such as design engineers then, high-performance and rich image quality under low bandwidth, high latency network conditions are crucial. Citrix addresses these needs with a full range of solutions to deliver 3D graphics while optimizing costs – with options for both the high-end 3D graphics workloads and for lighter 3D and 2D tasks.

Help your business fully utilise offshore, mobile and remote employees for design engineering while maintaining secure control over intellectual property with desktop virtualisation.

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Join Yvonne Dresser, Senior Product Marketing Manager for XenDesktop at Citrix, and Thomas Poppelgaard, Product Manager/Solution Architect at Commaxx, in this technical webinar to learn how to:

• Deliver 3D professional graphics applications and workstations globally over low bandwidth, high latency WANs with a very usable application experience.
• Support multiple power users per workstation for improved cost efficiency and productivity.
• Enable mobile remote access to 3D graphics apps from mobile devices such as tablets and laptops

Sign up to the webinar here

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