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Unable to Download ARDBP32.bin when Using XenServer or Hyper-V with HP Flex-10/Flex Fabric Module


You are unable to download ARDBP32.bin when using XenServer or Hyper-V with HP Flex-10/Flex Fabric module.

Affected Hardware

HP G7 Blade enclosures using the NC553i with a Flex-10 module


During the PXE boot process, the target device attempts to download ARDBP32.BIN from the TFTP service that resides on the Provisioning Services server.

Targets that send their TFTP request from a XenServer or Hyper-V Virtual Machine that then passes through the Flex-10 have their UDP checksum invalidated which causes the packet to be dropped when it reaches the Provisioning Services server.


Citrix is aware of the issue and is working with HP and Emulex to resolve this issue.


If the Flex-10 module is replaced with a pass-through module, then the Bin file can download correctly.

This document applies to: Provisioning Services 5.6

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