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Unable to Install the Platform License for Unlimited ICA Connections

This article applies for Access Gateway Enterprise 9.2 and Netscaler 9.0


You might experience issues when installing the Platform License for Unlimited ICA connections. The license is not recognized and you will be unable to install it.

Additionally, the output of the show license command displays 0 ICA users. Following is a sample output of the show license command:

After restarting the appliance, the license.log file in the /var/log directory displays the error message, as shown in the following screen shot:


The following increment entries in the license file were verified as explained in Knowledge Center article CTX125567 – How to Configure an Access Gateway Enterprise Edition Appliance with Unlimited ICA Connections

INCREMENT CAG_ICA_CCU CITRIX 2011.0202 permanent 10000


The Platform License for Unlimited ICA connections file was allocated and downloaded in a single file along with other licenses available on the Citrix Website.


Reallocate and download all the licenses as separate files. The Platform License should not be downloaded into the same file, which contains other licenses.

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