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Choose a topic under User Experience and see the user experience with Remote Graphics from Citrix, VMware and Microsoft.

See how powerful the technology is working remotely from any device, any location any destination.

See user experience from LAN, WAN, working mobile from a Car, AirPlane, Ship or even from a island far out in the atlantic ocean away from Civilization.

See how Augmented Reality is working together with Remote Graphics

See how Virtual Reality is working together with Remote Graphics.

Does Augmented Reality works together with Virtual Reality and how does this performs with Remote Graphics accessing data real time from the Cloud?

User Experience is key word for having happy users and having success in your company. GPU’s are having an huge impact in Virtualization this page helps you show how powerfull GPU’s are and how the benefit Virtualization and how the User Experience is.


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Thomas Poppelgaard


Thanks Jose, I have corrected the map plus updated the map so 29 datacenters are now alive.

Jose Brenes


Your map of Australia is wrong. You have put the state of Victoria inside the West Australian state.

Tobias K


Note that on XenServer 7.1, installing VDA 7.13 also works to enable vGPUs running XenDesktop 7.11 even using the newer “NvFBCEnable.exe -enable -noreset” command. Tested with an M60 using various profiles.



So how come version 3.11 doesn’t work for application switching?



Hello, how to allow SR-IOV for the Intel P580 in a m710x? (unable to find any settings in BIOS)

I get the following error: Dismount-VmHostAssignableDevice : The operation failed.
The device cannot be assigned to a virtual machine as the firmware (BIOS or UEFI) on this host computer system indicates that the device must remain in
contact with the firmware running in the host. The device can only be used in the management operating system. You should contact your OEM to determ
ine if a firmware upgrade is available, or if the PCI Express device can be reconfigured to be independent of the host firmware.