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Virtualization Matrix – Feature Comparison: VMware, Microsoft, Citrix

Andreas Groth, that have the blog have created this great overview virtualization matrix, where you are able to compare the features between VMware, Microsoft and Citrix hypervisor.


What is the “Virtualization Matrix”

… a unique vendor-agnostic reference matrix enabling you to quickly select and compare license-specific capabilities of the selected x86 server virtualization technologies …

Think of it as a freeself-service driven “consultancy tool” for x86 virtualization and private cloud.

It might look simple (that’s at least the goal) – but the Virtualization Matrix is more than just a “table”.


– currently compares and evaluates over 1000 individual features of more than 15 editions of the 3 leading x86 virtualization vendors.
– contains detailed explanations and links equaling to over 250 pages (just click on the individual feature for ‘pop-ups’ to get an idea).
– colour-coded evaluation allows you to visually compare capabilities and spot “holes” quickly

Customized Evaluation

The Custom Report enables you to taylor the matrix data to your environment, by specifying relevance and priorities and adding custom criterias to the evaluation. It will provide you with a report including simple charts that can be used as proof point for your evaluation or decisions.

Industry Insight

Over and beyond the matrix the blog (“Posts”) features news impacting relevant vendor capabilities and articles withinsights into the wider x86 virtualization market based on my personal work with the different vendors and technologies.


See the Virtualization Matrix – Feature Comparison: VMware, Microsoft, Citrix here

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