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Web Interface on NetScaler 9.2.e nCore

This is pretty cool, i have been told about this feature some while ago, but today 28-10-2010, Citrix have released the integraded Webinterface on Netscaler, and its available today.

The solution requires the use of NetScaler MPX or VPX models with nCore.

The  Web Interface feature is available starting with version 9.2 47.9007e and higher.

Download and Install

Web Interface requires two components be installed on the NetScaler to start it: (1) A Java Runtime Environment (JRE), and (2) The Web Interface core. Both pieces are available as individual downloads on this page. You must download and install both components to make Web Interface work.

To begin, download the following software files. For faster installation, copy these tar files to a local workstation or to the /var directory of the NetScaler appliance.

  1. Download the Java Diablo Latte JRE install file for FreeBSD 6.x (amd64) platform after accepting the license agreement terms for it. Get it free at:here.
  2. Download the Web Interface on NetScaler package (nswi-1.1.tgz) below. This is a set up file for installing Web Interface on NetScaler.
  3. Download the 9.2 Release Build 47.9007e below.

Next, upgrade the NetScaler MPX or VPX to the build below. Instructions on upgrading the NetScaler are located in Upgrading to a Later Build within Release 9.2.e section of the Citrix NetScaler Migration Guide – Release 9.2.e.

Web Interface on NetScaler requires installation of the Web Interface package (nswi-1.1.tgz) and the JRE version for FreeBSD 6.x (amd64) platforms. These files install all the Web Interface components and JRE on the NetScaler hard drive, and configure automatic startup of the Tomcat Web server with Web Interface at NetScaler startup time.

Once the NetScaler upgrade to Build 47.9007e is completed, you are ready to install Web Interface on NetScaler.  At the NetScaler command prompt, type:
ns> install wi package -wi URL -jre URL

Example when files are remote from the NetScaler:
install wi package -wi “sftp://username:password@” -jre “sftp://username:password@”


install wi package -wi “” -jre “”

Example when files are local on the NetScaler:

install wi package -wi “file:///var/tmp/nswi-1.1.tgz” –jre “file:///var/tmp/diablo-latte-freebsd6-amd64-1.6.0_07-b02.tar.bz2”

From the NetScaler GUI, expand the System > Web Interface tab > Install Web Interface and browse to the location of the Web Interface on NetScaler package and the location of the JRE install file. For a demo on using the GUI to set up Web Interface on NetScaler, visit Citrix TV.

For detailed instructions on adding web interface site(s) and binding sites to the XenApp farm(s), reference the NetScaler Administration Guide 9.2.e in the section Web Interface. Examples are provided using the NetScaler command line and the configuration utility (GUI).

Download Web Interface on NetScaler 9.2.e nCore + components here

HOWTO install and configure Web Interface on Netscaler 9.2.e nCore


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