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Whitepaper from Citrix Consulting – Desktop Virtualization Top 10 Mistakes Made

With the excitement and promise of desktop virtualization, many organizations are trying to quickly implement a VDI-type solution to realize the expected benefits. Unfortunately, this exuberance has resulted in some implementation issues due to improper planning and design.

This white paper focuses on the top 10 mistakes made, identified by Citrix Consulting, when implementing a desktop virtualization solution.

1. Improper Storage Design
2. Default Controller Configuration
3. Not Enough Cache
4. Ignoring Virtual Desktops Optimizations
5. Not Managing Boot Storms
6. Not Optimizing Antivirus
7. Improper Resource Allocation
8. Lack of Application Virtualization Strategy
9. No Profile Strategy
10. Not Calculating Network Impact

download whitepaper from here