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Whitepaper – XenDesktop and XenApp: Printing Planning Guide

A huge crew from Citrix Consulting have released this awesome whitepaper.
Many kudos for creating this great whitepaper to Citrix.

Thomas Berger with input from:

  • Andy Baker – Architect
  • Daniel Feller – Lead Architect
  • Rich Meesters – Architect
  • Ramzy Mansour – Manager
  • Marek Dresler – Lead Support Eng.
  • Andreas Skuban – Senior Consultant
  • Martin Latteier – Senior Consultant


Printing is a very important aspect of every Citrix infrastructure, which is not well understood and a common cause of issues. Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop offer a variety of features to enable administrators to successfully integrate printing in almost every scenario. Choosing the most appropriate printing configuration for your organization helps to simplify administration and improve the user experience. In order to successfully design a printing infrastructure it is vital to understand the available technologies as well as their benefits and limitations.

This planning guide is intended to be a guideline during the printing strategy decision process, but it cannot provide turnkey solutions that fit for every scenario due to the complexities of each organization’s environment and user requirements.

The following tools and knowledge base articles can help planning or troubleshooting a printing infrastructure:

Read the entire whitepaper under Source.


Download Whitepaper – XenDesktop and XenApp: Printing Planning Guide here


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