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Windows 365 app – tips&trick

Microsoft released GA Windows 365 app for Windows11/10, Feb2023 in the Microsoft Store.

With Windows 365 app, you can access your Windows 365 Cloud PC from the taskbar or the Start menu, enjoying a full Windows 11/10 experience while moving between your local and Cloud PCs.

Tip 1: install Windows 365 app from Microsoft Store

Installing the Windows 365 app is straight forward from the Microsoft Store in Windows 11/10

Open the Microsoft Store

Search for Windows 365 in the Windows Store and click on the button “install”, the app is around 10mb.

When the Windows 365 App is installed you can click on the button “Open”

Next the Windows 365 app will launch and you will be prompt to login

Note (this require you have Windows 365 business or Windows 365 enterprise subscription)

If all goes well then you get access to your Windows 365 Cloud PC and you can click on connect and start you Windows 365 Cloud PC

Tip 2: unable to login to your Windows 365 error 1200

Example I was trying to install the Windows 365 app on my personal VR pc where I have personal Microsoft account and not my Enterprise account this actually caused some problems when I tried to login to Windows 365 app with error 1200.

The error was related to my personal onedrive, so how I solved it was a quick fix by removing onedrive under Credential Manager

Remove personal onedrive credentials

  • Go to Control Panel → User Accounts → Credential Manager and open the Credentials Manager.
  • Then click on Windows Credentials.
  • Go to Generic Credentials and locate onedrive
  • And then delete that line regarding onedrive. #note this is on your own risk, but it solved my issue.
    I had a hunch it could be caused by Onedrive and the Windows 365 app, and have seen same issue with identity loops with Teams before.
  • Check if the error is gone when you log into Windows 365 App, this worked for me and hopefully Microsoft fix this.

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