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Wyse Configuration Manager

Wyse Configuration Manager – Features

With Wyse Configuration Manager (WCM) you can manage WES7 thin clients (WES2009 will follow shortly) using a centrally located XML file. Things that can be managed using the XML file include:

  • RDP, View and ICA connections
  • Display settings (wallpaper, screenresolution, etc.)
  • Keyboard and mouse settings
  • Wired and wireless settings
  • Power settings
  • Browser, Aero and firewall settings
  • Much more…

In a lot of organizations WCM will eliminate the need to stream entire 4GB image files accross the network to customize the WES clients based on their needs. With WCM it is just a matter of creating a DHCP option tag (so the agent on the client knows where to find the XML file) and the XML file (using a reference client or the standalone WCM console application) and you are good to go.

And the best part of it, WCM comes totally free with every Wyse WES7 client.

The WCM console and agent can be downloaded from -> Support -> Software Downloads


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