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XenApp 6 QFarm /load of 20000 and Policy Information is Removed from the Registry

The XenApp 6 server is unable to contact the license server after a reboot.

Qfarm /load output indicates a server load of 20000.

Changing the license server name under policies to a bogus name and then changing back to the correct name (gpupdate /force and an IMA service restart might be needed) resolves the issue until the server is rebooted.

Citrix Policies created using the Delivery Services Console might not be applied.


If the IMAService is unable to contact the Data Store in a timely manner, Citrix Delivery Console Policies are deleted from the registry.


This will be resolved with fix # 234694 in XA600W2K8R2X64009.

CTX125363   This article will be updated when new information is available.