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XenClient 1.0 final released

So its final here. I have been looking so much forward for this, its great that its released and also before Citrix Synergy in Berlin. =O) I have been running the  Release candidate 2 of XenClient on my Lenovo t400, and it runs smooth, so i cant wait to upgrade my XenClient to final version =O)

I am just a bit disappointed that the support for NVIDIA (or ATI) graphic card isnt in the final version of Citrix XenClient.

We also need the support for using the XenClient on a MAC. Citrix please make this happen.

Download Link

XenClient 1.0 and Synchronizer for XenClient 1.0

Release notes of XenClient 1.0

New Features since RC2 release

The time between RC2 and GA was mainly focused on bug fixing but our amazing engineering team still managed to pack in some great new features and expanded our HCL to cover twice the systems we supported in the first RC. You can read about the new features added in the recent RC2 release here and here below are the latest additions:

Integrated Disk Encryption

VMs delivered to XenClient from the Synchronizer can now be protected with AES-XTS disk encryption. This ensures that sensitive data is fully protected when deployed on XenClient systems. In the event a system is lost or stolen all the data remains protected from unauthorized access. On systems with Core i5 and Core i7 vPro technology XenClient will use Intel AES-NI to offload encryption operations to the hardware.

External Monitor/Projector Support

The latest generation of Intel Core i5 and i7 vPro systems now fully support use of external monitors and projectors. Previously using external monitors and projectors required running a VM with 3D graphics support enabled.

XenClient to Synchronizer Communication Hardening

XenClient systems will now use client side digital certificates along with user credentials to authenticate to the Synchronizer. Additionally all VHD files are encrypted with AES CBC encryption to allow secure delivery and caching of components over http.

VM Switching Enhancements

The in-guest VM switcher bar has been re-skinned with updated graphics and new pull-down behavior. And the switching process has been revamped with a beautiful fade on switch between VMs.

Revamped Synchronizer Web Interface

The Synchronizer for XenClient has a revamped UI and refreshed graphics showing off the latest Citrix UI standards.

This groundbreaking new technology is ready to allow you to extend all the great benefits of virtual desktops to your mobile users and a powerful tool for IT Pros looking to run multiple isolated virt

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