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Service Pack 1 for XenClient/Synchronizer

Citrix just released Service Pack 1 for XenClient 1.0! This update is basically maintenance release that includes over 100 fixes for both the XenClient hypervisor and the Synchronizer virtual appliance. This update brings bug fixes, stability and speed improvements, and it also includes a few new features.

The following new features where added and/or enhanced on the XenClient Hypervisor:

  • Support for additional laptops:
    • Lenovo T510
      • Core i5 and Intel HD Graphics
    • Panasonic Toughbook 52
      • Core i5 and Intel HD Graphics
  • Initial support for Windows 7 SP1 (Windows 7 SP1 Beta)
  • Improved system boot time
  • FlexCast integration – support for Streamed VHDs from Provisioning Services
  • Improved playback and recording support including default volume level enhancements
  • Revamp of VM auto boot experience to provide a close to native boot experience
    • Ability to boot directly to a VM
    • Ability to background launch additional auto boot VMs
    • Authentication to XenClient only when needed
  • Static IP configuration for wired networks
  • Blocking of unsafe configuration changes when a VM is asleep or hibernated
  • Increased reliability of wireless connections
  • Improved support for internationalized text entry
  • Proper handling and reporting on systems with dual batteries
  • Improved reliability of Application Discovery when using Secure Application Sharing
  • Support for Blu-Ray playback from internal and USB connected drives
  • Ability to use raw VHD files created with XenConvert tool
  • Security improvements
The following new features where added and/or enhanced on the Synchronizer for XenClient:
  • Improved support for connecting to Synchronizers with non-standard hostnames
  • Improved cross-browser compatibility of user interface
  • Improved support for internationalized text entry
  • Robustness improvements to VM image transfers
  • Ability to cache AD credentials offline with Dynamic image mode
  • Disk space usage accuracy improvements
  • Ability to upload a VM based on
Download Service Pack 1 for XenClient 1.0 here: 

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