XenClient and Synchronizer – PoC Implementation Guide *updated

Citrix have updated the XenClient and Synchronizer POC implementation Guide.

If you are going to do a POC with XenClient and Synchronizer, please read this guidance, its great. =o)

Download version 2 of XenClient and Synchronizer POC implementation Guide here

Comments (2)

  • We installed the synchronizer from xva and noticed some differences to Poc-Guide:
    * There was no prompt for a PEM pass phrase
    * it was not possible to enter a @ for email address in certificate params, because STRG+ALT make the window of install.sh change from window to full screen and vice versa
    * joining synchronizer to ad-domain was successful, same with linking to ad-user, but the users are not able to login at sychronizer (local user works).

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