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XenDesktop 5 Quick PoC Kit for Hyper-V version 1.0

The XenDesktop 5 Quick PoC Kit for Hyper-V has been created for being used as a tool for Proof of Concepts and is intended for validating desktop delivery with XenDesktop 5 and Microsoft Hyper-V within a short time period. The kit contains pre-configured  virtual machines with step by step documentation for a quick and simple setup of the required infrastructure components and can be used for Proof of Concepts that run either in an isolated environment or can even be integrated into any pre-production environment. The average setup time varies between 2-4 hours. This kit now includes XenApp 6 for hosting applications delivered to the desktops. This kit is intended for use on Windows 2008 R2 with Hyper-V and builds out virtual desktops using Machine Creation Services, a new feature of XenDesktop 5. The virtual machines and associated documentation for integrating Provisioning Services (with a pre-built vDisk) will be added and posted in Q2 2011.

Before you begin
You will need Microsoft Hyper-V to run the virtual machines in the kit.

Download your free copy of  Microsoft Hyper-V today.


  • Overview.  This document provides a general overview of the  XenDesktop Quick PoC Kit and how it should be used.
  • Checklist.  The checklist provides guidance for preparing a PoC at a customer and ensures all configuration steps are completed.
  • Isolated How To.  Step by step guidance for setup of PoC environment as an isolated solution without touching any customer production systems.
  • Integrated How To.  Step by step guidance for setup of PoC environment that integrates into a customers’ test or even production Active
    Directory domain and production environment.


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