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XenDesktop 5+Microsoft Lync=WOW

Derek Thorslund have wrote this great article about Microsoft Lync will be able to run on Citrix XenDesktop 5.

I have been waiting for this for long time, because the problem have been with the old Office Communicator used lots of bandwidth, and Microsoft also said that it dosent support the old Office Communicator (before lync) on XenDesktop 4 / XenApp. So will Microsoft support Microsoft Lync on XenDesktop 5 ? I am looking forward if this is going to happends. I know a lot of people in Denmark, Norway, Sweden that would love to get Lync to run in a Citrix environment.

For the demo of Lync (new name for Microsoft Office Communicator) on XenDesktop 5, skip ahead 7 minutes

Read more about the article from Derek Thorslund

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