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XenDesktop & Branchrepeater PoC Toolkit

Citrix released the latest version of XenDesktop PoC toolkit 1.1

The XenDesktop Quick PoC Kit has been created for being used as a tool for Proof of Concepts and is intended for validating desktop delivery with XenDesktop within a short time period. It provides a quick and simple setup of the required infrastructure components and can be used for Proof of Concepts that run either in an isolated environment or can even be integrated into any of the customers’ environment. The average setup time varies between 2-4 hours. The kit consists of a set of documentation guiding through the setup and the required pre-built virtual machines. The updated version 1.1 contains a new Windows 7 Enterprise vDisk and a 25-user XenDesktop Platinum Edition evaluation license. The Branch Repeater PoC toolkit has also been updated to onclude XenDesktop and XenApp in its deployemtn scenario

Citrix released the latest version of Branch Repeater PoC toolkit
download Branch Repeater PoC toolkit

The Citrix Branch Repeater (PoC) Toolkit enables you to configure the most widely used Branch Repeater Family deployment scenarios based on common customer requirements, including integration with XenApp and XenDesktop environments. The PoC Toolkit takes the reader through a guided process of planning, configuring, validating, and summarizing a PoC based on demonstrating TCP-based protocol acceleration with Branch Repeater. The deployment scenario in the toolkit is based on a common infrastructure environment that can be substituted for an actual customer environment.

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