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XenDesktop Planning Guide – Desktop Image Delivery


With previous versions of XenDesktop (version 4 and prior), the single image management option was to use Provisioning Services. This solution worked great as it made optimal use of resources and maximized performance and scalability. However, many organizations, especially smaller environments, found the solution too complex for their environment. Because of this challenge, Machine Creation Services was integrated into XenDesktop 5 as a way to provide simple, single image management.

Now with XenDesktop 5, organizations can utilize two different features to provide single image management: Machine Creation Services and Provisioning Services. As there are now two options, many architects questioned if and when to use each option.

In short, both solutions are appropriate for any organization; however, each has a specific focus that can better align with the overall business strategy for desktop transformation. Before making a decision, it is advisable to understand the different guidelines and ramifications for each solution.

Note: The decision between the two options is not something that an organization is locked-in with for the duration of the infrastructure.

Note: In order to fully understand the ramifications of each image delivery option, it is advisable to review the XenDesktop 5 Reference Architecture, which provides an overview of Machine Creation Services, Provisioning Services and Installed Images as well as the different Citrix FlexCast options.


Download XenDesktop Planning Guide – Desktop Image Delivery here

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