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XenDesktop Planning Guide – Load Balancing Web Interface with Netscaler


Citrix Web Interface is a common method of connecting to both XenApp and XenDesktop. Consequently, if a Web Interface server fails then users will lose access to their applications and desktops. Therefore, ensuring that your Web Interface server is always available is critical. The easiest way to ensure availability is to have a second server available for redundancy. This is simple to implement especially in a virtualized environment such as Citrix XenServer where both Web Interface and Citrix NetScaler can run as virtual machines. NetScaler is available in both a physical (MPX) and virtual (VPX) appliance and provides intelligent load balancing for both Web Interface and the XML components of XenApp and XenDesktop. Additionally, NetScaler includes out of the box integration for secure remote access for both XenApp and XenDesktop environments.


Download XenDesktop Planning Guide: Load Balancing Web Interface with Netscaler

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