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XenDesktop Planning Guide – User Profiles


A user’s profile plays a critical role in determining how successful the user experience is within a virtual desktop or virtual application scenario. Even a well-designed virtual desktop/application solution can fail if users are frustrated due to lengthy logon times or lost settings, since first time experience may leave a lasting impression severely impacting acceptance.

This planning guide is intended to be a guideline during the user profile strategy decision process, but it cannot provide turnkey solutions that fit for every scenario due to the complexities of each organization’s environment and user requirements.

As Microsoft Windows itself offers multiple profile solutions, which are supplemented by various 3rd party software companies and their products, it is critical to have knowledge about all base profile technologies and to perform a detailed planning during the XenApp / XenDesktop architecture design phase.

Note: In order to fully understand the ramifications of each user profile option, it is advisable to review, Designing Terminal Services User Profiles – eDocs Guide and which provide an overview of the major user profile techniques as well as the pros and cons of every option.


Download XenDesktop Planning Guide – User Profile

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