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XenDesktop Session State Monitor Tool

Citrix have released a new cool tool for XenDesktop 4&5 (XenDesktop Session State Monitor Tool)


The Session State Monitor Tool actively monitors ICA connections and disconnections to the Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) on which it is running. The tool provides the ability to specify custom commands for Disconnect, Reconnect, and Startup. The tool also has the ability to allow the endpoint (client) name to smoothly roam with the VDA’s XenApp double-hop sessions. The tool does this by disconnecting the VDA to XenApp sessions, updating the appropriate registry key for ‘clientname’, and then reconnecting the disconnected VDA to XenApp sessions.

How to Use XenDesktop State Monitor Tool

Once the tool is installed and running as a background process, it automatically monitors the XenDesktop session for any disconnects and reconnects. It updates the endpoint’s client name on the session and runs any custom commands from the registry

Download the “XenDesktop Session State Monitor Tool” here

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