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Citrix ShareFile Sync 2.0 for Windows

Citrix have released a new version of ShareFile Sync 2.0 for Windows.

Whats new in ShareFile Sync 2.0 for Windows

ShareFile Sync for Windows is designed to provide ShareFile Enterprise customers with an easy way to access and synchronize folders from your ShareFile account to your local computer or virtual desktop.

For Windows 8, Windows 7, XP and Vista

New Features include:

  • On-demand Sync – optimized for virtual apps and desktops
  • Performance and Quality Improvements

Use the .exe installer to automatically detect the OS platform and the .msi installer if you want to automate the installation process.


Download Citrix ShareFile Sync 2.0 for Windows here (Require MyCitrix ID)

Citrix Receiver 11.7 for Mac OS X

Citrix have released a new version of Citrix Receiver 11.7 for Mac OS X.

About Receiver 11.7 for Mac OSX

Citrix Receiver for Mac provides users with self-service access to resources published on XenApp or XenDesktop servers. Receiver combines ease of deployment and use, and offers quick, secure access to hosted applications, desktops, and data.

Receiver also provides on-demand access to Windows, Web, and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. You can use it for Web access or configure it for use with Citrix CloudGateway.

What’s new

Citrix Receiver 11.7 for Mac OSX X provides the following new features and enhancements for customers:

  • Single authentication to the Access Gateway:
    • Use of a single session for both VPN and clientless access so that a Receiver user logs on once for both types of access and consumes only one license.
    • Automatic routing of ICA traffic through the Access Gateway ICA proxy for optimal user experience.
    • Automatic start-up of a VPN tunnel when a user logs on. This feature requires that you disable the Single Sign-On with Windows setting on the Access Gateway.
  • Improved logon and logoff operations:
    • Users are prompted to log on to Receiver only when a logon is required. Actions that require a log on include starting an app from Receiver or the Finder, using the Refresh Apps command, viewing or searching for apps, or adding an account. A user is logged on only to the account associated with the requested resource.
    • Users remain logged on until choosing to log off or exit Receiver, roam from the internal network to an external network, or delete passwords.
    • A VPN tunnel is established only if needed. Internal users are logged on to StoreFront.
  • Usability improvements, including:
    • The Request button is removed. Users can now simply click to add an app and, if a request for permission to add the app is required, a dialog box appears.
    • Error messages are clearer.
    • All Receiver User interface (UI) images are retina display compliant.
  • Upgraded FIPS support. Receiver supports certificates with a public key of 2,048-bit RSA and a SHA256 signature hash algorithm.
  • Support for ShareFile StorageZones. Receiver provides support for ShareFile StorageZones. StorageZones enable you to optimize ShareFile performance by locating data storage close to users and also allow you to control storage for compliance purposes. For more information about StorageZones, see the Sharefile documentation in eDocs


Download Citrix Receiver 11.7 for Mac OS X here

Citrix ShareFile Sync 1.3 for Mac

Citrix have released a new version of Citrix ShareFile Sync 1.3 for Mac. I have been waiting for this release cause i loved the new version but i didnt get all my shared folders synchronized so i had to use my parallel Windows 8 with my Citrix ShareFile Sync to get my company data that way, not so smart but it was a solution.

Whats new in Citrix ShareFile Sync 1.3 for Mac

ShareFile Sync for Mac is designed to provide ShareFile Enterprise customers with an easy way to access and synchronize personal folders from your ShareFile account to your local computer.

For MAC OS X 10.7 and 10.8

New Features include:

  • Support for Europe control plane
  • Support for synchronizing shared folders


Download Citrix ShareFile Sync 1.3 for Mac here (Require MyCitrix ID)

Citrix ShareFile Storage Center 1.0

Citrix have released a new product to their ShareFile family, introducing Citrix ShareFile Storage Center 1.0

What is ShareFile Storage Center

ShareFile StorageZones gives IT departments the flexibility to choose between Citrix-managed, secure cloud storage or IT-managed StorageZones (on-premises) storage within your own datacenter.

Storage Center 1.0 is a downloadable component which enables you to create and manage an on-premises StorageZone in your ShareFile Enterprise account.

Deploy ShareFile Storage Center

ShareFile Storage Center extends the ShareFile Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud storage by providing your ShareFile account with on-premises private storage. You can use the Storage Center on-premises storage with or instead of the ShareFile-managed cloud storage. ShareFile-managed cloud storage is a public multi-tenant storage system maintained by Citrix. A ShareFile Storage Center is a private single-tenant storage system maintained by you and can be used only by your account.

Storage Center is a Web service that handles all HTTPS operations from end users and the ShareFile control subsystem. The ShareFile control subsystem handle all operations not related to file contents, such as authentication, authorization, file browsing, configuration, meta-data, sending and requesting files, and load balancing. The control subsystem also performs Storage Center health checks and prevents off-line servers from sending requests. The ShareFile control subsystem is maintained in Citrix Online data centers.

The ShareFile storage subsystem handles operations related to file contents such as uploads, downloads, and antivirus verification. When you create a Storage Zone, you are creating a private storage subsystem for your ShareFile data.

For a production deployment of ShareFile, the recommended best practice is to use at least two servers with Storage Center installed, for high availability. When you install Storage Center, you create a Storage Zone. You can then install Storage Center on another server and join it to the same Storage Zone. Storage Centers that belong to the same Storage Zone must use the same file share for storage.



Download Citrix ShareFile Storage Center 1.0 here (Require MyCitrix ID)

Read more about the deployment methods to implement Citrix ShareFile Storage Center here.

Citrix ShareFile Sync v.1.3 for Windows

Citrix have released a new version of Citrix ShareFile Sync for Windows. The new version 1.3 include new features and fix bugs.

Whats new in Citrix ShareFile Sync 1.3 for Windows

  • Circular logging – Sync logging is now enabled, it is placed on the user’s %temp% directory by default. It is growth is limited to two files of 10MBs each.
  • Shared Folders – Users can now synchronize folders shared by other users. To enable this feature, open the preferences menu from the ShareFile Sync icon in the notification area, then select the desired folders.
  • Silent Uninstall – The install packages now support silent installations. To use this functionality add the /qn switch to the end of the command line, for example:
    “C:\MSIs\ShareFileSync.msi” /qn
  • GPO settings – There are now three configurable registry keys that can be created to configure

    ShareFile Sync:
    Account (REG_SZ): The ShareFile account name.
    AuthenticationType (REG_DWORD):
    1. Use 0 for Single sign-on, this will use the current Windows’ user authentication
    2. Use 1 to prompt for user credentials.

    LocalSyncFolder (REG_SZ or REG_EXPAND_SZ): Path to the fixed local drive.
    Removable media and network shares are not allowed. Environment variables are
    supported but must set the value type to REG_EXPAND_SZ.

    AuthenticationType (REG_MULTI_SZ): List of ShareFile Folder Ids. Admins are expected to use the website to get the folder IDs of the shared folders.

    Sample .reg file
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Citrix\ShareFile\EnterpriseSync] “Account”=”” “AuthenticationType”=dword:00000000 “LocalSyncFolder”=”C:\\DesiredSyncPath” “SharedFolderIds”=hex(7):64,00,34,00,31,00,64,00,38,00,63,00,64,00,39,00,38,00,\
    66,00,30,00,30,00,62,00,32,00,30,00,34,00,65,00,39,00,38,00,30,00,30,00,39,\ 00,39,00,38,00,65,00,63,00,66,00,38,00,34,00,32,00,37,00,65,00,00,00,00,00


Download Citrix ShareFile Sync version 1.3 for Windows here. (Requires MyCitrix ID)